Sasha Banks’ Status Changed On The WWE Internal List

Sasha Banks

The WWE has an internal list, where all superstars receive their role of heel or face. Now, Sasha Banks’ status on that list has changed from face to heel. Evidently, this could mean that her return to the main roster is imminent.

Sasha Banks Status Announcement

Sasha Banks

Fightful Select was the first to announce the rumored status change. They announced it as follows:

“She is listed as a RAW heel Superstar, but that doesn’t really mean anything. She was walking about a couple blocks away from the arena in Orlando, but nobody that I talked to saw her there.”

In addition to mentioning the status change, Fightful Select has also speculated about her return. There have been reports of Banks being seen backstage or in the general vicinity of events, although nothing has been confirmed in that regard.

Possible Scenarios For Sasha Banks’ Return

Sasha Banks

Nobody is certain when Sasha Banks will return, but there is plenty of speculation with the latest internal list change. In fact, many believe Sasha might be returning with an instant shot at the title.

Becky Lynch had no real challengers for a while, at least not since Ronda left. The only one who comes close to being a challenger is Charlotte, but she is on the blue brand at the moment. Then there is Alexa Bliss as well, but once again she is looking at the blue brand.

With a little shortage of star power, a lot of people believe Sasha will return as a heel on the Raw roster for one purpose only… To take the title from Becky Lynch. Since Becky had no substantial challengers of late, this theory does not sound so crazy.

I’ve got to admit, from a fan standpoint it makes lots of sense, as Sasha Banks can be counted among the most popular female superstars of our time. On the other hand, there has been some behavior that management could see as undesirable, at least if rumors are to be believed. If the alleged event did happen, is it smart to put Sasha in a position of power again? Who’s to say she will not walk out again as soon as she loses another title?

When it comes to your job, we all have to do things we do not like. Imagine doing something similar to what Sasha allegedly did after her tag team title loss at your regular job! You would not longer have a job after pulling such a stunt.

It is not uncommon for wrestlers to show this kind of behavior – and while there is not real confirmation that the event actually happened – I would be nervous if I were in management. Hopefully, things will return to normal once she returns without all the drama. Because let’s face it, there is enough of that already in the WWE.

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