Kofi Kingston Injury News

‘- As per Wrestling Inc., WWE Champion Kofi Kingston announced during a SmackDown LIVE house show in Glens Falls, NY, which took place last night that he had been injured and was not competing in the match. Kofi would proceed to sit ringside during the bout while he watched faction mates Xavier Woods and Big E defeat the B-Team, throwing pancakes to fans.

It was noted that Kingston did work his Saturday and Sunday shows, and that he had stated he had been injured the night before. He also relayed that he’d be ready for this Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, where he will be defending his title against Samoa Joe. While Kingston has not been added within tonight’s SD LIVE preview, he should be there to help continue to build his ER program against Joe. Whether or not he’ll make it to the PPV for sure is not known, and here’s hoping whatever injury Kingston sustained during his weekend live shows, it is one he can shake off easily.

WNZ will keep you posted on any further details around this story.

– You may have missed it, and you wouldn’t have been the only one if you did! Just one Firefly Funhouse puppet made an appearance during last night’s RAW, and it was Huskus the Pig. The chocolate-loving character was spotted during a backstage segment with U.S. Champion, Ricochet. See tweet below:

In other related news, while the WWE has not been airing new Firefly Funhouse segments on WWE programs, Bray Wyatt has been backstage recently, with Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer’s noting that he should be making his highly anticipated WWE return “any day now”. At Extreme Rules, maybe?

It’s important to note that there is no buzz on who Bray Wyatt will be aligned with in storylines, or any further information on potential programs or feuds.