Is The WWE Finally Saying Goodbye To The PG Era?

WWE Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe

As the WWE is focussing on regaining its edge, a lot of people are wondering if the company is finally saying goodbye to the so-called PG era. While the PG era was supposed to be good for younger fans, it actually had an adverse effect. Now, the WWE are struggling with poor ratings. To correct the problem, the company is aiming for a more adult product.

Recent Changes That Have Been Noticed In The WWE

WWE Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe

The recent episode of Monday Night Raw showed some clear changes in the programming. It started with the commentary, when Corey Graves yelled out “holy st*!” as Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley went through the LED screens.

Monday Night Raw was not the only brand that hinted at some non-PG changes. During the recent episode of SmackDown Live, Kofi Kingston gave Samoa Joe the middle finger. In WWE’s PG product, this would have been out of the question.

More Changes To Come According To Dave Meltzer

Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins

Dave Meltzer from “Wrestling Observer Radio” claims that more changes are about to become visible over the weeks to come. In fact, when a fan asked if the PG era was being left behind, Meltzer replied with a resounding yes.

While some fans welcome the changes to the current programming, others are far more sceptical. Some believe that the changes are incredibly forced and that it reflects on the product overall. For some people, it is not enough to stay interested in the product.

Of course, other fans – including myself – have been waiting for the PG era to end. While it certainly feels a little forced at the moment, I think the forced nature of the end of the PG era will disappear.

PG Is Not The Problem

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

While reading through some of the comments of fans, I came across this interesting point.

I do have to agree with this reaction to some degree. However, I do think the PG era has hurt the brand significantly. Naturally, there are other problems to address; this goes from the storylines to the bookings.

For the WWE to become successful once again, we need some storylines and feuds that run a bit longer. I am not talking about the Brock Lesnar title reigns and briefcase run though, but actual interesting feuds with a serious basis. Let’s see if these changes will be implemented to in the time to come.

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