Tye Dillinger

Before moving to the main roster in the WWE, Tye Dillinger was one of the most popular and beloved NXT superstars, who spent an amazing ten years on the developmental brand. It got him the nickname “The Perfect Ten”, and a legion of fans behind him.

Unfortunately, Vince did not see the value of Tye Dillinger and he soon ended up in obscurity. His disappearance on the main roster eventually led to his release a little while ago. Fortunately, his release has led to an amazing opportunity, as he now joins the All Elite Wrestling roster.

From Tye Dillinger To Shawn Spears

Tye Dillinger

Much like Dean Ambrose changed his name for the indies, Tye Dillinger has done the same and is now known as Shawn Spears. As you can see from the photograph, he also has a new look. It suits him well!

Insulting The Audience’s Intelligence

Tye Dillinger

Shawn Spears had some choice words for Vince McMahon during one of the final meetings he had with him. According to Shawn, he told Vince that he is insulting the audience’s intelligence and that wrestlers on his brand have zero credibility. I cannot say I disagree with him, as these points have been discussed by myself and many of my colleagues in the past.

“One of the last conversations I had with Vince, I went into his office…I needed to say what I needed to say. The biggest difference between both companies is credibility. Talent needs credibility. They don’t necessarily need pushes…but talent does need credibility.”

“If you’re watching the product and two guys come out and you’re already able to tell the finish of the match based on entrances alone, that’s a problem. Because now we’re giving an audience the opportunity to change the channel, we’re giving them the opportunity to [text] on their phone…they don’t care. They’re not invested. And that’s what I said to the chairman. I said, ‘with all due respect, I think we’re insulting their intelligence.’ He just kinda looked at me and said, ‘oh sh*t,’ But I still stand by that sentiment today.”

The problems within the WWE are clear for many people, including Triple H who liked a post from a fan that pointed to the problems of the WWE. Of course, doing so apparently caused some tension between him and his father-in-law Vince McMahon. It is also said that HHH, Stephanie and Shane have attempted to intervene but with little success. An increasingly large number of former and current WWE superstars are starting to speak out. Still, question remains how long Vince will ignore the good advice that many of these stars provide.