Tommy Dreamer Admits He Wanted To Shoot Himself And Paul Heyman

Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman

Being one of the most successful hardcore legends, one would think that Dreamer had little reason to be depressed. However, mental illness can hit anyone at any time. Now, Tommy Dreamer has spoken out about one of the darkest times of his life, where he contemplated shooting himself and Paul Heyman at WrestleMania 17.

Tommy Dreamer Wanted To Kill Heyman

Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman

Back when Tommy Dreamer worked for ECW, he turned down a massive offer from the WWE; this because Paul Heyman had asked Dreamer to stay on the sinking ship. As a consequence, Dreamer blamed Heyman for his misfortune.

This is undoubtedly one of the darkest stories out there, but it is a good thing that Dreamer is talking about it now. There is still a taboo around depression, so a public figure coming out with this story can give others hope for recovery.

In 2001, Dreamer suffered from serious depression. He was planning to shoot Paul Heyman at WrestleMania 17; this after his career went downhill when ECW went down.

“At Wrestlemania, I was gonna hop the rail and I was gonna whack Paul E. [Heyman] in the back of the head right at the announce table, then I was gonna whack myself.”

“The ultimate martyr, I was gonna hit my pose crack, boom, pull the trigger. Because I was that insane.”

“Don’t know if I would have went through with it, but that’s what I was thinking about everyday. I was like, ‘I will go down in history.’ Pop, boom.”

Jim Ross Came To His Rescue

Tommy Dreamer

At the time, Dreamer did not see a way out and was going to do something desperate. Fortunately, Jim Ross made a phone call to Dreamer that would change things.

“I’m glad I didn’t do it. But when that phone call came from Jim Ross. Again, just said leave a message. It said ‘Hey Tommy, it’s Jim Ross, just want to let you know, we are still thinking about you, we are gonna get it done, just got to hang tight. Thank you.'”

Even though it has been 18 years, the confession of Dreamer is shocking to say the least. Naturally, these problems could have been prevented with proper psychological assistance. Fortunately, Dreamer did not go ahead with his plans and continued his career in wrestling.

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