Renee Young – WWE Plans + Rapper Cardi B Getting Involved?

Renee Young - WWE Plans + Rapper Cardi B Getting Involved?

‘-There has been a lot of speculation about Renee Young’s WWE future lately.

At times, there were questions as to how her color role was going over (I think she’s done well).

With her husband, the former Dean Ambrose, leaving the company, people wondered if she might be on shaky ground.

When her husband popped up as Jon Moxley at All Elite Wrestling’s first PPV last month, it was fair to wonder if Vince McMahon might be spiteful and punish Young (so far, he has not).

Now, the Big Lead is reporting on speculation pertaining to Young’s future with the company, and it appears to be good news.

WWE has entered into a long term deal with Fox. Part of that deal means that SmackDown will be moving from USA to Fox in the fall, but there’s more to the deal. WWE will be getting a weekly studio show to air on Fox as well. It seems that Renee Young may end up the host for that show.

No word as yet on if that change will happen, or, if it does, if it would keep Young off of other commentating duties.

-WWE fans know that the company often looks to cross over and bring in other entertainers. Most recently, WWE did this for WrestleMania when they brought in some SNL cast members.

Now, there could be something brewing involving rap superstar Cardi B.

While there is nothing official, it’s worth noting that Cardi B recently tweeted about her past enjoyment of wrestling.

That post got attention from someone who happens to have a sister who works for WWE. That person suggested a tag team match for Cardi with Carmella-a post which the former WWE Women’s Champion liked.

Now, social media behavior does not mean much, but this could get the ball rolling. With WWE looking to boost ratings in any way it can, bringing in a huge talent like Cardi B could help.