Reason Behind Baron Corbin Push + Aleister Black Plans?

‘-Unless you’ve been living under a rock, any wrestling fan should be well aware of Baron Corbin’s mostly ongoing push.

I say mostly ongoing because things have, at times, not always gone in the direction of a full-on push. After all, while Corbin did win a Money In The Bank briefcase not that long ago, he did become one of the few briefcase winners to not have a successful cash-in.

He’s enjoyed stints as the acting RAW general manager, and currently finds himself heavily involved in a main event feud. He’s been chasing Seth Rollins and the Universal Championship for a bit now.

Now, we might have a better understanding for the push.

Over the years, Vince McMahon has been well known for pushing guys that had “the look”. Usually, that meant guys that were really big (Giant Gonzalez) or really jacked (Lex Luger) regardless of their actual talents, or if they were even getting over.

Corbin’s push? It’s also tied to a look, but not the height or build. On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that apparently McMahon thinks female fans might just think Corbin is good looking.

I am not one to judge, but I do think that reasoning might be a bit flawed in this day and age. If true, wrestling fans might become even less into Corbin matches than they were during Stomping Grounds.

-Aleister Black made his main roster debut a few months ago, alongside Ricochet.

Since that debut, Black has slowed down a bit. He’s spent recent weeks limited to pre-taped vignettes, seeking out someone to fight.

With Extreme Rules just a couple weeks out, it seems we might just see him fight soon.

According to Wrestle Votes, signs are pointing to Aleister Black working an Extreme Rules match against Cesaro. If true, and if Creative lets these two men work to their full potential, that match could steal the show.