The Revival

‘-Much has been said about The Revival and their contract status within WWE.

Earlier in the year, Dash and Dawson were known to have requested their release from WWE, for a variety of reasons.

Shortly after those reports emerged, it was reported that WWE made a big offer to both men in order to keep them with the company. In addition to the offer, they were made tag team champions as well.

Currently, they are once again RAW Tag Team Champions, and lately have found themselves as part of Shane McMahon’s entourage. Not a bad spot to be in, all things considered.

In spite of the recent title win and the prime program spot, Fightful has reported that, to date, neither Dash nor Dawson has re-signed with the company.

For every chance of working with Shane or winning tag belts, The Revival can always look back at the very recent run of sophomoric humor they were involved in or subjected to on WWE television as well, so any hesitation to re-sign is understandable.

-So many major stars have had personal and private photos and videos leak online.

WWE has not been immune to this either, as a number of WWE Superstars have had leaked images and videos surface. Some of the more famous ones in the past couple years: Hulk Hogan, Seth Rollins, Charlotte and Paige.

We will not, of course, be linking to any of those. Nor will we be linking to the newest name on the list: Ricochet.

It is unfortunate that The One And Only now has to deal with a private and personal moment becoming anything but that.

These incidents should continue to remind current and future Superstars that anything which you intend to keep private could one day become very public. Unless you are comfortable with the world seeing it, it might be best to not record it or take pictures.