Jerry Lawler on Fox Show + Mike Kanellis Walks Out?

Jerry Lawler on Fox Show + Mike Kanellis Walks Out?

With SmackDown moving to Fox later this year, more details are beginning to emerge.

Alongside some more concrete details, like nights and times, we are also getting speculation.

Recently, a redesigned logo leaked. We’ve also heard rumblings that Renee Young might be slated for a studio show once WWE programming has a home on Fox.

Now, Wrestle Votes is suggesting that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler could also be tapped for a similar studio show opportunity.

Lawler was a fixture, alongside Jim Ross, during the Attitude Era. His style and his language worked well during that time, but they have not worked as well lately (which is one reason Lawler isn’t doing commentary anymore).

Giving The King a studio show, however, could be interesting. A talk show or pre-show type set up could work well, and it’s easy to imagine he’d be entertaining.

With the move just a few months away, we should find out soon enough.

-This week on 205Live, Superstar Mike Kanellis stormed off after losing to Jack Gallagher.

At first glance, it’s not hard to imagine WWE is turning recent news into a storyline. It was not that long ago that Mike and his wife, fellow Superstar Maria Kanellis, had been pushing for their exit from WWE.

More recently, however, it’s been reported that both have actually re-signed with WWE.

The thinking now is that this could be linked to Mike’s recent tweets, where he is critical of WWE’s use (or, lack of) the 205Live roster.

Specifically, you’ve seen a couple Superstars called up (Ali and Cedric Alexander, to mixed results), and Drake Maverick has enjoyed a 24/7 Championship run too.

It would be interesting to see this turn into something bigger. When you consider how great a match the Cruiserweight Championship bout was on Sunday, Kanellis is not wrong that WWE should show off the product more.