Why Ric Flair's Mad At Shawn Michaels

‘- Batista had three runs with the WWE, each featuring him in the main event scene. After leaving WWE in 2010, Batista started to pursue a career in acting that did not start out well. He addressed nearly going broke during the Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 panel.

“It was a nightmare,” said Batista. “I’d gone broke and lost all my money from wrestling. I got an agent and my agent said ‘I had to fight really hard to get you this audition. They didn’t want any pro wrestlers.’ I found one picture of Drax and I said, ‘that looks like me. I get this picture. I relate to this picture’. I went and read for Sarah Finn and did my audition. She said, ‘is there any way you could come tomorrow and read for the director?’ That’s when I knew it was real.”

Batista would return for a final run earlier in the year. He worked a program with Triple H; following Batista’s attack on Ric Flair. Triple H finally defeated Batista at WrestleMania 35. The next day, Batista officially announced his retirement from pro wrestling.

– Last month, Ric Flair had to spend several days at the hospital as he needed another surgery. After getting out, the two time WWE Hall of Famer revealed that the doctors finally found the right pacemaker and he boasted about now being able to live to 95.

Since getting out of the hospital, Flair has been cutting several promos about his future. He thanked several fellow wrestlers and celebrities who visited him. One person who did visit was Shawn Michaels, which resulted in Flair cutting a negative promo. It was a strange jab considering the moment they had together at WrestleMania 24.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Flair likes when celebrities remember him. The two remain friends and it simply seems like a case of Flair being annoyed at one of his friends and letting everyone know thanks to social media.