5 Wrestlers Who Got Their Championship Shortly After Joining WWE!

WWE Ric Flair

Winning the WWE championship is a real honor and that often takes years. However, some superstars get their championship quickly after joining the company; this has been the case for the following successful wrestlers.

1. WWE’s Legend Ric Flair

WWE Ric Flair

One of the most iconic heels in history, Ric Flair, gained his championship very shortly after joining the WWE. That being said, he did have an extensive indie as well as mainstream history before joining the company, so his road was quite similar to that of AJ Styles. Flair started wrestling in 1972, but only entered the WWE in 1991. Interestingly, Ric Flair became the WWE champion during the 1992 Royal Rumble, very quick for the standards of mainstream wrestling.

2. Brock Lesnar

WWE Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was a rookie wrestler once, but he was also one of the people who gained the title quickly. In fact, he did he debut in 2002 and would become King of the Ring that same year. It led eventually to him beating The Rock in Summerslam, beating the Rock’s record of being the youngest WWE champion in wrestling history.

3. Sheamus

WWE Sheamus

I have a weak spot for Sheamus, mainly because he is just a genuine and nice guy. Let alone the fact that he is an awesome heel. I was, however, surprised to learn that Sheamus belongs on this list.

Sheamus made his debut in ECW in 2009. Shortly after his debut, he would win a battle royal and be the first contender for the championship, set to face none other than “Big Match” John Cena. He would then go on to beat John Cena at TLC and became the first champion born in Ireland.

4. Yokozuna

wwe yokozuna

While Yokozuna might be before the time of many people who watch the WWE today, he is undoubtedly one of the most memorable people for me. Yokozuna was all about Sumo wrestling and was billed at 500 pounds!

Even though he made his debut in 1992, he made his way to the top quickly. Under the guidance of his manager Mr. Fuji, he entered the Royal Rumble early 1993 and won it; this led to a WrestleMania moment against Bret Hart. Yokozuna would take the title from Bret only 173 days after making his debut.

5. Goldberg


It is no surprise that Goldberg is on this list, even though his wrestling acumen has been called into question in the past. Despite some lack of technical acumen, he is still quite a nice guy and many fans love him, me included.

Goldberg made his WWE debut in 2003, after his stint in WCW. He would face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania shortly afterwards and would take the title after 174 days by defeating the Rock.

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