Sting Nearly Suffered Tragic Fall + Watch Wrestling With Mick Foley

Sting Nearly Suffered Tragic Fall + Watch Wrestling With Mick Foley

‘-It is hard to believe, but the wrestling world lost Owen Hart 20 years ago already. There are plenty of fans who would love to see Owen Hart enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame, but Hart’s widow Martha will not allow it.

While that is an unfortunate part of the history, there are still some good things. Specifically, all the stories that wrestlers will share about Owen and how he was on the road and backstage-these are conversations that were divulged on a panel during this past weekend’s Starrcast event in Las Vegas.

WWE Hall of Famer Sting was also on hand for his own panel, which led the Stinger to reveal something quite interesting, and very nearly tragic.

Anyone who watched wrestling in the late 90’s knows about the gimmick Sting was using at the time. He was mimicking a character from the Brandon Lee movie “The Crow”. Part of this gimmick had Sting being lowered from the rafters to the ring on a regular basis.

On the heels of the Owen panel, Sting revealed that on at least one instance, he nearly had his own tragic fall. He details that, one evening during an event in Chicago, he almost fell from the rafters too. Thankfully, he did not…and more important, thankfully we don’t see crazy risks like that anymore.

-Who would like to watch wrestling with Mick Foley? I bet almost any wrestling fan would get a kick out of that. I know I would.

Well, now you can…if you have deep pockets.

Mick Foley, in an effort to raise funds for the late Ashley Massaro‘s daughter, has posted on social media that, should anyone donate $5000, he will come to you and watch any wrestling show of their choice, with the donor and ten of their friends. He even offered to watch AEW.

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