Is The Hardcore Championship Returning? We Will Find Out Tonight!

Hardcore Championship

During the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the WWE announced the arrival of a new title. Interestingly, the nature of that new title is to be announced tonight by none other than Mick Foley, a hardcore legend. As such, fans are speculating that the Hardcore Championship is making a comeback.

Desperate Money In The Bank

Brock Lesnar

Before we elaborate on the possible arrival of the Hardcore Championship, it must be said that Money In The Bank was quite the desperate pay-per-view. It felt like the WWE is desperately trying to hold onto its loyal viewers, but went about it in quite a clumsy manner.

The announcement of a new title seems to indicate the desperation of the WWE chairman, who cannot seem to connect to his own audience anymore. It was almost like the WWE said: “We know this pay-per-view is horrible, but tune in tomorrow because there will be a new title”.

In recent weeks, there has been a rumor that chairman Vince McMahon and Triple H are no longer seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to the WWE product. It is claimed that Triple H sees the problems on the main roster and knows the solution, but that Vince McMahon will have none of it. Given the apparent desperation of the current chairman, maybe letting Triple H run the show for a couple of weeks could provide a solution.

Either way, it seems the WWE wants to keep our attention with a new title that will be announced tonight on Raw. While there are a lot of rumors about a new Hardcore Championship, many are wondering if it will provide the same unique angle the old championship provided? And who will be going for the Hardcore Championship if it does arrive? Plenty of questions, but let us see if the title returns first.

What Was Interesting About The WWE Hardcore Championship?

Hardcore Championship

There have beenĀ  some amazing Hardcore Championship matches over the years, but that is not the only thing that separated this title from the rest of the bunch.

Mick Foley is actually the man who has been associated with the Hardcore Championship the most, as the title was pretty much made big by his character Mankind. Therefore, choosing Foley to make the announcement could mean a return for the hardcover division.

Another interesting fact of the hardcore division was the 24/7 rule; this means that the title could be fought for at all times providing there was a referee around. As you can imagine, this has led to some hilarious segments; this included the title switching hands while the champion was sleeping, The Hurricane being hit with a frying pan, women holding the hardcore championship, and loads more. Unfortunately, this rule was abolished in 2002 and soon afterwards the belt would disappear.

A return of the Hardcore Championship could provide some amazing matches, but it could also make things a lot more interesting where storytelling is concerned. However, I do believe this will only work if the WWE implement the old 24/7 rule. Still, before I get too excited, let’s just wait and see which title we will be getting.

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