HHH Frustrated With Main Rosters

‘- As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H is seemingly quite frustrated with the main roster on both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE as of late. The issue doesn’t seem to be around his father-in-law, Vincent Kennedy McMahon not taking suggestions, rather, it is that VKM is too open to ideas that original storylines and ideas get watered down.

It seems that with close to 40 writers on the creative team, feedback from so many people, with some not realizing that even the slightest change can cause a ripple effect within a program, has created a “watered-down” effect on WWE storytelling. The reported suggested that Vince gathers input from so many people, and on so many ideas that the company’s content is becoming weaker as a result, which is frustrating HHH at the moment.

Speaking of VKM, the almost 74-year-old has seemingly not slowed down even an inch when it comes to his work schedule. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that he remains in the office past 12 a.m. during the weekdays, sometimes even working close to 3 a.m. Meanwhile, Fridays he does take it a bit easier, still at the WWE headquarters until about 8 p.m. Vince works and even lifts weights while at the office, and will sometimes watch football during his time off on the weekends.

Will Vince be stepping down anytime soon? Doesn’t seem to be the case. With the XFL on the cusp of launching next year, Vince will continue to be a very busy man. While he has promised that the XFL will not take away from his WWE duties, most feel that may be impossible; unless he allows someone else to take the reigns on the football league, which also seems unlikely since McMahon has placed a good amount on this investment and has a ton riding on it.

Meanwhile, the report also noted that Stephanie McMahon has zero to do with WWE’s creative as of late. HHH will talk to Vince about his spots, but never in front of people; while Shane will pitch an idea or two for his own character, which rarely gets used.