War Raiders Become the Viking Experience

What's up with the name changes?

The Viking Experience

Vince, what the fluff is wrong with you? Why in the world would you change a good name such as War Raiders to the Viking Experience? Unfortunately, it did not stop there…

Eight Man Tag Team

The Viking Experience

The War Raiders have been called up to Monday Night Raw, only with quite a different name. For whatever reason, the WWE decided to rename them as “The Viking Experience,” leaving many NXT fans flabbergasted.

In addition to changing their tag team name, the WWE have also changed  their individual names. While they were known and Hanson and Rowe, WWE found it necessary to change their names to Erik and Ivar, branding them as genuine vikings.

The War Raiders eventually ended up in an eight man tag team match, joining The Revival for a tag match against Ricochet, Aleister Black, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins.

I understand why the WWE have called up the War Raiders, especially when you look at the match the pair had with Ricochet and Aleister Black on the NXT brand. However, I cannot understand why they would mess with their name and their brand. If it is not broken, why would you fix it?

Rebuilding The Raw Tag Team Division

The Viking Experience

Despite the drama surrounding their name, I have no doubt in my mind that War Raiders will be an excellent addition to the Raw roster. Raw has a suffering tag team division, so keeping the likes of War Raiders, Ricochet, and Aleister Black on that division could be nothing but beneficial. That being said, you can never predict the extent of Vince’s ideas. I honestly hope they continue putting on the matches they did in NXT, despite the overproduction and frequent camera changes on the main roster.

Other Name Changes?

The War Raiders are not the only ones who have suffered a poor name change. In fact, it seems like the WWE has something against double names. They changed Andrade Cien Almas to just Andrade. Then, there is also Mustafa Ali, who is now known as just Ali.

Let me state that I do not agree with these name changes. In fact, I found that Andrade Cien Almas sounded so grand. Andrade is plain and nothing special, so what is the WWE’s intention with these name changes? They cannot believe this is a good thing, surely?

What do you think about the War Raiders’ name change? Are you excited they are on raw? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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