Road Dogg’s WWE Status, Which Brand Is Nikki Cross On?

Road Dogg's WWE Status

As of right now, Brian James (also known as “Road Dogg”) is still a part of WWE. He is considered to be taking an extended break and was not at TV this past week, according to PWInsider, with no timeframe for a return.

Just a few weeks ago, Road Dogg was one of the co-lead writers on SmackDown. Then he reached what was called a breaking point at the first SmackDown after WrestleMania 35. Being fed up with all the late changes Vince McMahon would make to scripts, there was small falling out.

At one point, there was talk of Road Dogg taking over live events when Arn Anderson was let go or working at the commentary table. Both of those options currently seem off the table.

The last time fans saw Road Dogg on TV was at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. He entered as part of DX for the 2019 class. With Road Dogg not working SmackDown, Ryan Ward ran creative.

– The Superstar Shake-up saw several top names switch brands and also the stable Sanity break up. During all the madness, it seems like WWE forgot to mention what brand Nikki Cross will be working.

The idea is for Cross to work on the RAW brand. As for the rest of the group, we know Eric Young is also headed to RAW with Killian Dain (who is married to Cross) staying on SmackDown. There is no word on Alexander Wolfe’s future, with some speculating that he could return to NXT. Whatever happens, Sanity is no more.

In NXT, Sanity found success and were heavily featured. They won the NXT Tag Team Championships, but struggled on the main roster. They were rarely featured and when they did appear, it was often in a losing capacity. While most of the WWE roster worked WrestleMania 35, the stable was nowhere to be seen.

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