Superstar Shakeup

Now that we told you about our predictions for NXT call-ups, it is time to look at the main roster superstars who could be moved during the Superstar Shakeup. Naturally, we have our own selection of favourites and here they are.

The Usos to Raw

The Usos

The Usos did an amazing job on SmackDown Live and made its tag team division the envy of the industry. That being said, the Raw tag team division continued to suffer. So, moving a brilliant tag team such as The Usos to Raw could blow some new life into the tag team division.

Finn Balor to SmackDown

Finn Balor

Finn does not receive the attention he should get on Raw, so moving him to SmackDown with the Intercontinental Championship would be the perfect move. On SmackDown, he would also get the opportunity to face some new people. And, that could only pull more viewers to the SmackDown Live brand.

AJ Styles to Raw

AJ Styles

Styles may be associated with the SmackDown Live brand forever. There is little left to do for Styles in terms of rivalries. Unless SmackDown Live gets a large influx of single competitors, moving Styles to Raw would be the better choice.

Mustafa Ali to Raw

Mustafa Ali

While I do not think this will happen, I would love to see it. Mustafa Ali has been brilliant on SmackDown Live and he could do wonders for the singles division on Raw, too. Unfortunately, he may remain on SmackDown Live a little while longer. I fear he could get lost in the mix if not booked well.

Ember Moon to SmackDown Live

Ember Moon

Despite being a brilliant wrestler and having a charisma that draws the crowd towards her, Ember Moon has hardly been used on the Raw roster. She would be much better off on SmackDown Live at this point, ideally in a rivalry with Asuka.

Mickie James to SmackDown Live

Mickie James

Mickie James is still fun to watch. It is sad to see how little she is used on the Raw roster, despite her experience and charisma. Much like Ember Moon, Mickie James could benefit form a fresh start on the SmackDown Live roster.

The Revival to SmackDown Live

The Revival

In my opinion, there is little left to do for The Revival on SmackDown Live. To bring attention and gravitas to their tag team once again, The Revival need a fresh start on a platform where they can show their skill and build their characters again in the eyes of the WWE Universe. SmackDown Live could be that platform.

Who would you like to see move to a different brand? Who could benefit from the Superstar Shakeup and who may lose out? Let us know your thoughts!