Montreal Screwjob Revelation, Vince McMahon – Braun Strowman

Montreal Screwjob Revelation

‘- When writing the history of WWE, the Montreal Screwjob from the 1997 Survivor Series will get its own chapter. Almost 22 years later and there is still a debate on if the incident was a work or shoot. If you ask Earl Hebner, who was the referee, it was a work.

“I think both of them [Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels] knew, to be honest with you,” said Hebner on Busted Open Radio. “Why would you let a man put you in your own finish? I’m not gonna lie about it anymore I’ve been trying to protect Bret. I can bet you 110 percent Shawn Michaels knew what was going on.”

We may never know what truly happened before and after the Montreal Screw Job went down. Michaels has admitted to knowing what would happen, but Bret Hart has denied any involvement. If Bret knew, he would never tell anyone due to his loyalty to the wrestling business. 

– Since breaking away from the Wyatt Family years ago, Braun Strowman has been heavily featured as a nearly unstoppable force. Despite challenging for the Universal Championship on several occasions, he has been unable to claim the title and has been floating in the main event scene. During PW Insider Elite, Mike Johnson divulged on Vince McMahon’s opinion of Strowman.

“There have been times when Vince was ready to pull the trigger and then something happens behind the scenes just by the way Braun Strowman carries himself or maybe he’s a little late or just at times that he’s his own worst enemy with how he presents himself and Vince takes a step backward,” said Johnson. “I just think he’s at the point now where Vince sees him as a walking mascot for the company more than he sees him as a top guy.”

There are have been reports that Strowman is his own worst enemy. He has been known to show up to events a bit late and leave before the conclusion. At WrestleMania 35, he was relegated to the pre-show where he won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. He is rumored to next work with Samoa Joe.