The B-Team Has Been Moved to SmackDown Live

Even though the official Superstar Shakeup has taken place already, superstars are still being moved to different brands. The latest to be added to that list is the B-Team, a scoop released by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. But what does this mean for the B-Team and the tag team division on SmackDown Live?

Tag Team Championship Opportunity for The B-Team?


The B-Team have been the Raw Tag Team Champions, but the move to SmackDown Live could mean a genuine SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship opportunity. With the Usos being moved to Raw and Jeff Hardy injured, there is certainly space for a new contender. The B-Team gimmick has been received well by the WWE Universe. However, Vince has not done as much with it as he should on the Raw roster. New feuds must arise on the SmackDown roster though and the B-Team could fill that spot because of their extensive track record within the WWE. Of course, it all comes down to what Vince is seeing for the SmackDown Live tag team division. I hope a smarter decision is made this time for the B-Team. They both deserve another, and preferably lengthier championship run.

Future Plans for the B-Team


The move to SmackDown Live is not the only indicator that there could be some plans in the works for the B-Team. In fact, the company have filed another trademark for “The B-Team University.” This could mean an additional gimmick, sub-show, or segment on the SmackDown Live brand. Of course, I do take these things with a grain of salt. The WWE did file multiple trademarks for the Fashion Police in the past, and we have not seen them since filing those trademarks. So, it is difficult to say if the WWE will take this move seriously or not.

Despite the fact they have been neglected by the company in the past, the B-Team could be the saving grace for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division. Jeff Hardy’s injury and the move of the Usos are not the only things that put the tag team division in jeopardy. In fact, Big E is down with an injury at the moment and so is Sheamus. Cesaro was moved to Raw as well, which leaves the future of The Bar in serious jeopardy. So, what is left on SmackDown Live for the tag team division?

It is ironic that one of WWE’s most neglected tag teams could be just the thing to save the SmackDown Live tag team division. Of course, there are some fears about how the WWE will handle the situation. They could keep the B-Team as a gimmick and not turn them into the serious competitors they should be. Both members of the B-Team have been in the WWE for a long time. But, they have been neglected in singles and in tag team competition for years. Despite all that, they are loved by fans. So, if this is handled correctly, the WWE could have a major crowd drawer for SmackDown Live. Still, with recent developments in the WWE and viewership ratings dropping at lightning speed, can the WWE turn things around?

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