WWE Is Selling Its Headquarters!

The WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut – also known under the name Titan Towers – is being sold by the WWE. In an official press release, the WWE made its intention clear, which means moving from a building they have been in for 34 years!

The Highlights From the Press Release

WWE headquarters

“STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced that the company will move its global headquarters to a new office complex at 677 Washington Boulevard in Stamford, Connecticut. This move will allow the company to bring together its operations, including its production studios and corporate offices at its new site.”

“The new headquarters will provide the company with work space suited to its growing and evolving workforce. The site in Stamford’s central business district provides greater access from various means of transportation, floor plans which are well-suited to producing video content and greater flexibility in workplace design. The Company anticipates that it will move to the new headquarters in early 2021.”

Iconic Moments in The Titan Towers

While most of us are familiar with the Titan Towers, many of us have forgotten that this building has been the main place for some of WWE’s iconic moments. It ranges from Superbowl commercials to the DX green spray paint and the Brock Lesnar invasion.

Final Titan Towers Segment Expected

Titan Towers

With the WWE expected to move in 2021, the famous Titan Towers will likely be celebrated in a WWE segment or two. Whether it will be in the form of another commercial or part of Raw or SmackDown remains to be seen.

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