Rob Gronkowski Joining WWE?

‘-In news that, on its face, is not WWE related: New England Patriots tight end  Rob Gronkowski announced he was retiring from the NFL on Sunday.

Why is this notable to WWE?

Well, for one thing, it’s been no secret that Gronkowski, better known as Gronk, is friends with WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley. This friendship was on full display a few years back when Gronk actually got involved, in the ring, during the Andre The Giant battle royal at WrestleMania.

Last year, when speculation of Gronk retiring was hot, there was speculation he would step away from the gridiron to instead jump into the squared circle. Now, with his retirement official, expect this speculation to ramp up yet again.

It would not be shocking, considering that Gronk is obviously an athletically talented individual. He’s an entertaining personality who possesses the physical tools to be a competent in-ring performer-at least, in theory. In a time where WWE seeks to find talent from all avenues, don’t be surprised if we see Gronk in WWE, sooner than later.

-In other retirement news, Nikki and Brie Bella are declaring themselves officially retired.

Brie Bella made her announcement earlier in the season on Total Bellas. Nikki made her own retirement announcement during the show’s season finale over the weekend. The announcement even garnered mainstream press coverage, including from the New York Post.

While the Post called the announcement “shocking”, it really shouldn’t be. Neither Bella has been very active recently. Outside of Nikki’s angle leading up to her Evolution title match, she hadn’t done much in a WWE ring of late.

The reality is that, when they became Superstars, the women’s locker room in WWE had a different feel. The women’s division had a different trajectory. Now, following the Women’s Revolution from a few years back, the Bellas have been passed by, to put it bluntly.

Assuming both are firm in their commitment to be retired, expect them to be Hall of Fame inductees before too long. Besides, it’s not as though being a retired Hall of Famer precludes them from participating in programs…just ask Kurt Angle or Beth Phoenix!