Fastlane is fast approaching and with an interesting card to boot. That being said, the pay-per-view can go in any direction at this point, especially with the match between Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Check out our predictions below to learn everything you need to know about WWE Fastlane!

Please note, since I am writing this prediction a little early, there could still be some changes in the match between Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens, e.g. Kofi Kingston.

WWE Championship Match – Daniel Bryan (c) Versus Kevin Owens

Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens

The crowd wants Kofi Kingston, but they received a returning Kevin Owens instead. While I am certainly not sad about the return of K.O., it does leave me wondering about Kofi. Maybe he will take Daniel Bryan on at WrestleMania instead?

Since I believe the WWE may make Kofi champion at WrestleMania, I predict Daniel Bryan will take the win with some help from Rowan.

I must mention that this match is still subject to change, so I am still awaiting this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. The WWE could come up with a little twist and add Kofi Kingston to the match, leading to a triple threat at Fastlane. Still, a match for Kofi at WrestleMania would be better at this point.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – Asuka (c) Versus Mandy Rose

Asuka Mandy Rose

The match between Mandy and Asuka should be a no-brainer. Asuka has a lot more experience and the longest undefeated streak in WWE history to boot, so Asuka should take the win here. That being said, Mandy no doubt has Vince’s attention at this point, so logic could be thrown out of the window.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship – The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection (c) Versus Nia Jax and Tamina

The Boss 'N' Hug Connection Versus Nia Jax snd Tamina

While this should be an interesting match, it is unlikely that the WWE will strip Bayley and Sasha Banks from the titles just yet, especially since the pair have taken the title across brands. Therefore, my prediction is that The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection will retain.

The SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos Versus The Miz and Shane McMahon

The Usos Versus The Miz and Shane McMahon

From a logical perspective, The Usos should retain their championships due to the fact they are more experienced as a tag team. Of course, it does depend on the WWE’s plans for WrestleMania. I am going out on a limb here and predict Miz and Shane take the titles back, leading to a rematch with The Usos at WrestleMania.

There is another option though. Miz and Shane could lose again, causing one member of the tag team to turn. If this happens, it could lead to a match between The Miz and Shane McMahon at WrestleMania. At this point, it is unlikely that Miz or Shane will not get a match at WrestleMania. So, the only question is which match.

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