The Biggest Problems Facing NXT Call-Ups

There are some huge problems on the main roster, which will undoubtedly affect some of the NXT call-ups including Lacey Evans and Tye Dillinger.

While I was super-excited to see my favourite NXT stars on the main roster, it was clear that their debut would not be as epic as their appearances on the developmental brand. There are some huge problems on the main roster, which will undoubtedly affect my favourite stars. Here are some of the uphill battles they will need to face.

The Place Where NXT Stars Come To Die

Tye Dillinger

The main roster has a reputation of sucking the life out of NXT stars. Remember, over the past couple of years, we had some fantastic people coming up. Only, where are those people now and how popular are they really?

One of the most notable NXT call-ups who has fallen into obscurity is Tye Dillinger, who also asked for his release from the company this week. Despite being insanely popular on NXT, poor bookings and the overall structure of the main roster cost him dearly.

There are other NXT call-ups who are suffering, even though they are featured quite regularly. Prime examples include Asuka, Shinsuke Nakamura, Andrade Cien Almas, Ember Moon, The Revival, Sanity, Nikki Cross, etc. As an NXT superstar, this could make you hesitant when you receive a call-up.

No Plans No Future

Lacey Evans

At the moment, the recent call-ups seem to be done out of desperation, meaning there are no plans for the superstars in question. Just look at the ridiculous appearances of Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery over the past couple of weeks, which have left many fans scratching their heads as to what they are doing there.

New faces on the main roster might be a nice thing, but there are zero plans in place for them. No title matches, no interesting feuds, simply a short introduction and a short match on the main roster. In some cases, not even a match.

What Happens to Their NXT Storylines and Legacy?

Johnny Gargano

Some of the call-ups were so unexpected, the WWE moved two NXT champions to the main roster. Now, it leaves NXT in somewhat of a shambles, which in my opinion is the only brand worth watching still. Naturally, this could mean that Vince and other high-up brass are not only ruining the main roster, they now have their fangs in developmental.

What does the future hold for our favourite NXT superstars? Hate to say it, but the future does not look too bright.

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