Superstar No Longer Linked To WWE? + WWE Return To Saudi Arabia

Superstar No Longer Linked To WWE? + WWE Return To Saudi Arabia

‘-In a bit of curious news, future WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has apparently scrubbed references to WWE from his social media. Taking things a step further, the accounts indicate that The Undertaker is available for non-WWE bookings.

A quick check of The Undertaker’s page on Twitter does not reference WWE in his profile. It does, however, point interested parties to how they can book The Deadman for future appearances.

The Phenom worked a busy WWE slate last year, relatively speaking. There had previously been rumors that he might end up as the headliner in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019, though we’ve had no news about any inductees thus far. There was also speculation, whether he was inducted or not, that we might see him work a match at this year’s WrestleMania. That speculation cooled in recent weeks, with numerous reports indicating that Undertaker was no longer on the list for a major match at the PPV.

Based on his social media update, it seems that an already murky future got a whole lot murkier.

-In other major show news, Fightful has reported on the anticipated return date for WWE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are reporting that they expect the next big show to happen May 3rd.

Considering the WWE has a long term and very lucrative agreement in place with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this is not a shocking announcement. All the same, this will be worth monitoring because the last show WWE ran in Saudi Arabia-Crown Jewel-was a political hot potato.

Two of WWE’s highest profile Superstars-Daniel Bryan and John Cena-skipped the show entirely. Other wrestlers, both in and out of WWE, voiced opinions as well. Part of the backlash surrounded the murder of a journalist. However, there was as much resistance based on other social issues, such as women’s rights.

Hopefully, as WWE continues this relationship, it can leverage these shows as an opportunity to drive change. It would be truly historic to witness a women’s match on one of these events.