Sanity Extremely Unhappy on the Main Roster

SanityΒ made their main roster debut some time ago, but it seems like the WWE have already forgotten about this epic tag team.

Since they are not being featured on TV as much as they should, it is no surprise that the faction is extremely unhappy at the moment.

Stating Their Discontent On Twitter


Sanity members are frustrated with their position on the main roster, which they have clearly shown on social media. Both Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe have released tweets that were a clear hint for WWE management.


The Future for Sanity?

Nikki Cross has not settled on a brand yet, so the misuse of Sanity could only be temporary. If Nikki Cross is set to return to her faction, it could make things a lot more interesting on SmackDown Live.

Other fans are skeptical about the recent statements made by Sanity. Some believe it is all a work with the recent announcement of the new promotion AEW. Making such statements certainly pulls the attention to the wrestler in question. So, it would not be a far reach to think that this is what is happening.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time NXT wrestlers who have been called up are now being treated poorly on the main roster. Tye Dillinger, The Iconics, and other popular wrestlers from the NXT brand have been getting lost in the mix. It’s a real shame, as these wrestlers have a lot to offer. Yet, it seems Vince is adamant to push his own people opposed to the ones the WWE wants to see.

It is not difficult to use your roster. If you have too many people on there, then you should stop pulling people up if there are no plans for them. It is really that simple.

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