-As everyone should know by now, Matt and Jeff Hardy reunited on SmackDown last night. While Jeff has been active in recent months, Matt has been off television since late in 2018. In fact, when Matt Hardy made his temporary exit from WWE, his words at that time made many wonder if Matt was walking away from the ring entirely.

Recently, however, Matt was shown to be in great shape, taking advantage of his time off the road to heel up and work out. On this week’s SmackDown Live, he reunited with brother Jeff as the surprise opponents for The Bar. The brothers were victorious in their return, the first time they had tagged together in WWE since 2017.

We know have a bit of clarity to their status, thanks to a report from PWInsider.

When Matt and Jeff returned in 2017, they apparently signed two year contracts with a lucrative third year option. The contracts, under the original two year term, were due to expire shortly. WWE opted to exercise the third year options on both contracts, so as of now, the Hardy brothers should remain in WWE at least for another year.

With that out of the way, it will be interesting to see what this means for the supposed tag division push we’ve heard about. It will also be interesting to see if we ever get to see a full on version of Brother Nero alongside Woken/Broken Matt.

-This week’s RAW was a very loaded show. It opened with a major segment featuring Roman Reigns. We saw a teased Shield reunion. Ric Flair’s birthday celebration closed the show, with Flair ending up laid out thanks to a returning Dave Batista. The show, however, did have a chance to be even more loaded-The Rock was in town filming his Jumanji sequel, and supposedly was in the arena at some point on Monday.

Ringside News has reported that, while Rock was in town, he was never planned for the show.  The reality is, as packed as RAW was, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for him. He could have come out to hug his family (Reigns), but that could have made the segment longer. Also, no point in overshadowing what was already huge news.

He could have joined in the Ric Flair celebration too, but that already had a lot of moving parts, and there wasn’t really a part of it that would have made sense to add Rock to it.

That said, there are conflicting reports as to whether Johnson was even backstage during the show, or if he had showed up before and left.