WWE Applies for New Trademark

WWE’s trademarks have proven to be indicators of new events and even new superstars. So, it is certainly interesting to keep an eye on the latest trademarks applied for by the WWE.

Recently, the WWE has applied for another trademark causing serious speculation among wrestling reporters. The latest trademark to be filed? Worlds Collide! There are several other interesting trademarks the WWE put in for, so let us take a look at what this tells us about the future of the WWE.

Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide

The WWE filling to trademark Worlds Collide is an interesting choice. In case you don’t remember, “When Worlds Collide” was a famous pay-per-view from 1994, organised by AAA Lucha Libre. Take a look:


Since the WWE did not file for “When Worlds Collide” but “Worlds Collide,” the new name could hint at a new WWE pay-per-view.

Other Interesting Trademarks Filed By The WWE

The unique trademarks recently filed by the WWE are quite intriguing. In addition to the “When Worlds Collide,” the WWE also filed “Work Horse Open Challenge” and “The Awesome One.” Both seem to belong to specific superstars.

A more unusual filing of the WWE is “WWE Kitchen SmackDown,” filed late last year. Nobody has any idea what this filing could entail. Perhaps it involves The New Day and pancakes of course.

How can you forget this?

Finally, the WWE have also filed “Fashion Files: Cold Case Unit.” Naturally, this would indicate a return of the hit segments. I, for one, cannot be more excited about that!

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