Update on the Release Requests of Major WWE Superstars

Rumours are running rampant about WWE superstars asking for their release from the WWE. The most outspoken or obvious superstars include The Revival and Mike and Maria Kanellis. Now, the WWE is full on denying the release requests, but as always, there is more to it than that.

Request Denied

Mike and Maria Kanellis

While the WWE denies any of its superstars have asked for their release, sites such as PWInsider, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and Ringside News are standing by their statements and their sources.

According to various reports, Mike Kanellis has indeed asked for his release, while Maria did not. However, it is claimed that Mike had his request denied by the WWE causing many to believe that the WWE still has plans for the couple. Others, including myself, believe the WWE are playing a game of cat and mouse with other indie promotions.

It has also been confirmed that The Revival asked for their release on Monday. This was confirmed as 100% fact by Ringside News. Of course, the chance that the WWE will release The Revival is less than likely.

Why Is The WWE Refusing To Release Superstars It Is Not Using?

superstars release from WWE

The situation is complicated to say the least at the moment. The arrival of AEW has got the WWE running scared. It looks like the WWE is desperately trying to retain its talent and sign-up the biggest indie superstars before All Elite Wrestling does.

WWE superstars asking for their release at this point are unlikely to get their release granted. Unless they are the end of their contract, they are likely to stay the possession of the WWE, no matter how harsh that sounds.

I highly doubt that The Revival and the Kanellises are the only ones who are thinking of greener pastures. There are a bunch of superstars stuck in catering, who would be better off at an indie promotion. Names such as Tye Dillinger, Dana Brooke, and Goldust are just some of the names that spring to mind.

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