The Biggest Challenges Facing the WWE in 2019

With the announcement made by the McMahon family late last year, it is clear the WWE is in trouble. There are a lot of problems to tackle in 2019. Even though the WWE has made some serious changes, there need to be a lot more to be made in the coming year.

But what are the main problems for the WWE to tackle? According to wrestling fans as well as wrestling reporters, these are the main problems facing the WWE this year.

Major Decisions Coming Down to Majority Shareholders

Vince McMahon

While there is no doubt in my mind that Vince McMahon is a brilliant man responsible for the growth of the WWE over the years, the brilliance of the man is also one of its main problems. Big decisions tend to be made by the majority shareholders, and this has caused some friction for the brand as a whole.

I am under no illusions that there are member of the WWE board of directions that are out of touch with their wrestling fans. Still, the only thing they need to do is listen to their fans. Fans have been quite vocal about their displeasure in 2017 and 2018. Of course, this is easier said than done.

The WWE has made baby steps towards listening to their fans. Still, for the WWE to keep growing and attract more fans to their product again, the listening will need to continue in a major way; this includes listening for the board of directors too!

Taking on the Competition

All Elite Wrestling

There has been some bad news for the WWE in 2019, as a serious competitor for the WWE has suddenly come above water – All Elite Wrestling. Run by the likes of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, this could be competition on the level of WCW back in the day.

It was reported that WWE management were laughing in the boardroom at the efforts of AEW, but soon it became clear that they should have been preparing rather than laughing. The brand has already signed some major indie stars, and even former WWE legend Chris Jericho. It could spell some serious problems for the WWE!

Fox Demands 3.3 Million Viewers Per Week

Fox Sports

One of the biggest problems facing the WWE in 2019 is their contract with Fox. The television giant is demanding an average amount of viewers of 3.3 million per week. To put this into perspective, they would have to grow its viewers by 50%. A tall order, even for a company with the amount of resources the WWE has.

Disgruntled Main Roster Members


Most wrestlers on the NXT roster are more than happy with their position within the company, but the same cannot be said by those on the main roster. For many years, several success stories from NXT – for example, The Revival – have been mistreated and put on the bench. Now, the WWE could pay dearly.

Where the WWE did not see the value of outstanding wrestlers from the NXT roster, there is a new brand on its way that could: AEW. Some wrestlers have laid out big hints they are looking for place on the new wrestling promotion, so the mistreatment of its wrestlers could cost the brand an extremely high price in 2019. Wrestlers that have been most vocal include Gran Metalik, Tye Dillinger, TJP, Mojo Rawley, and The Revival.