Superstar Leaving For AEW? + Women’s Tag Title Plans For ‘Mania

Superstar Leaving For AEW? + Women's Tag Title Plans For 'Mania

‘-With All Elite Wrestling now announced, the fledgling promotion is looking to make a great deal of noise. They already threw a wrench into WWE’s 2019 hopes and plans by securing Cody Rhodes and other members of The Elite. They took it a step further by convincing Chris Jericho to come on over. It also looks like the promotion will land hot free agent Kenny Omega, once Omega’s New Japan contract officially expires at the end of January.

It was only a matter of time before the company targeted an existing WWE talent. Rumors have swirled about AJ Styles and his contract status, given his relationship with many of the initial AEW signings. Now, via Barnburner’s No Holds podcast, comes a new name and it makes a lot of sense.

Per Barnburner’s, there’s discussion that Goldust may be leaving WWE and heading to work with brother Cody Rhodes. Considering that WWE really isn’t using Goldust now, it wouldn’t be totally surprising. What would be a bit surprising is that they would let him go knowing he would be jumping to what has to be seen as a competing company. In the past, WWE has been known to not let Superstars out of contracts.

-By now, everyone should be aware that WWE has women’s tag titles coming. The titles were formally announced by Santa McMahon at the end of last year. On Monday’s episode of RAW, Alexa Bliss had the honor of revealing the new title belts, as well as when we will know the first title holders. At February’s Elimination Chamber, three teams from RAW and three from SmackDown will enter the Chamber and determine the first women’s tag champions.

Perhaps it is no surprise then, that WWE already has plans for a major women’s tag title defense at WrestleMania in April. Also thanks to the Barnburner podcast, WWE is looking to have Bayley and Sasha Banks win the belts first. They would then defend those belts against the Hall of Fame team of Trish Stratus and Lita at WrestleMania.

On one hand, that is absolutely a notable match. On the other hand, considering the newness of the titles, and that Trish and Lita are presumably just coming in for a spot appearance, is it wise for WWE to plan a title match around them, as opposed to one of the five teams who would have lost in Elimination Chamber.

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