Big Update On Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Future

There are several WWE superstars who allegedly want to leave the WWE. The Revival are among the most outspoken, but it seems like WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler is thinking about leaving, too. Here’s another update that adds fuel to the fire about Dolph Ziggler’s possible departure.

No More Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler

One of the things that has caused fans to question Dolph’s future is the fact he has removed all associations with his character “Dolph Ziggler” from his social media accounts. The move made many fans speculate about his future within the company.

Done on January 31st

Dolph Ziggler

According to PWInsiderElite, Dolph Ziggler may be done with the company on January 31st. He has not been seen on Raw since his defeat against Drew McIntyre. Since then, he has been focusing on house shows.

The alleged departure of Dolph Ziggler also makes fans wonder if he will participate in the Royal Rumble at all. Since Dolph resides in Phoenix, where the event takes place, it is likely he will be participating in the match. However, his future after the Rumble remains uncertain at this point.

Fact Or Fiction?

Dolph Ziggler

I did a couple of hours of fact checking on this story this week, and there are some indicators that changes are in the works for Dolph Ziggler. One thing that puzzles me is his social media status. While initial reports stated he removed all references to his Ziggler character from his social media accounts, upon closer inspection it appeared this was not 100% accurate.

When looking at Ziggler’s Twitter account, there is still a lot of referencing to “Dolph Ziggler.” However, when you look at his instagram account, he does have a lot of references to his stand-up comedy work. While everyone knows that Dolph Ziggler has focussed on comedy work in the past, th Instagram posts could be indicators of Ziggler focussing on his stand-up career.

Another interesting little fact is that Ziggler is scheduled to attend the DZ Comedy Tour, which takes place one day after the Royal Rumble across the street from the event. Could this be the start of a full-time career in comedy? Only time will tell.

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