Which WWE Superstar Has The Highest Win Rate of 2018?

The winner with the highest win rate in 2018 is not Braun Strowman nor Roman Reigns! While I am sure those were on the top of your win list, the number one is more straightforward than that — Ronda Rousey! Take a look:

Ronda Rousey Takes the Lead

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is the WWE superstar with the highest win rate of 2018. She has obtained a perfect score of 100%, putting her on top of the leaderboard.

Of course, things must be put into perspective in terms of number of matches. Ronda only arrived in 2018, so her chances of a loss were a lot less than those of existing roster members. That being said, no losses and 100% win rate is certainly impressive.

What Other Superstars Have The Best Win Rate of 2018?

Braun Strowman

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Braun Strowman is on the “best win rate” list, but surprisingly he is not number 2!

The number 2 position in the list is reserved for former 205 Live’s Cedric Alexander. He is followed by Rezar from the Authors of Pain tag team, Rowan from the Bludgeon Brothers, Asuka, and Harper. Surprisingly, Braun Strowman is number seven on the win rate list!

After Braun Strowman, there are three more superstars to finish out the list. Number eight is Akam from Authors of Pain, while number nine is reserved for Lio Rush. The list is closed by Kalisto on number ten.

Here is the full list:

1. Ronda Rousey (W14 – L0 – D0) (Win Rate: 100%)
2. Cedric Alexander (W28 – L5 – D0) (Win Rate: 85%)
3. Rezar (W19 – L6 – D0) (Win Rate: 76%)
4. Rowan (W12 – L4 – D0) (Win Rate: 75%)
5. Asuka (W25 – L11 – D1) (Win Rate: 74%)
6. Harper (W14 – L5 – D0) (Win Rate: 73%)
7. Braun Strowman (W36 – L13 – D1) (Win Rate: 72%)
8. Akam (W17 – L7 – D0) (Win Rate: 71%)
9. Lio Rush (W9 – L4 – D0) (Win Rate: 69%)
10. Kalisto (W25 – L12 – D0) (Win Rate: 68%)

Stark NXT Contrast

One thing that stands out about the list is that most of the highest win rates are dominated by Vince’s pushes. There are some former NXT roster members on there. However, we have to realise that most of their win rates in 2018 could be supported by their NXT career, with both Asuka and AOP arrived on the roster this year.

With the latest win rates coming in, it shows once again that Vince heavily prefers his main roster talent over new NXT recruits. AOP used to be extremely dominant in NXT, and even though they had a main roster title run, they’ve been pushed to the side once again after one of their shortest title reigns.