RAW (12/10/2018): Live Viewing Party For Fan Comments

RAW (12/10/2018): Live Viewing Party For Fan Comments

Welcome to another live viewing party of Monday Night RAW. This will be the final RAW before Sunday’s TLC pay per view. Seth Rollins to speak before he meets his former brother at TLC, Dean Ambrose. Also, Heath Slater begins his new role as a referee, we will have to see if Drew McIntyre’s assault 0n Finn Balor will change the TLC landscape and Alexa Bliss is going a press conference to address the female superstars before TLC.

As always, our Twitter account (@WrestleNewz) will be covering the show, which should be interesting. Like last week, our typical typical play by play coverage as been thrown out the window. We’re leaving the post mostly blank and focusing in on what our loyal readers have to say about tonight’s RAW. The comments section down below is always a hoot thanks to everyone that contributes and we hope that tradition continues this evening.

All that’s left to do is relax, put your feet up, grab some food (I’ve got some Smash Burger with my name on it), a drink and let the WWE superstars entertain us.


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