Lesnar Missing Drug Test? + 205 Live Star Impresses

Lesnar Missing Drug Test? + 205 Live Star Impresses

‘-Brock Lesnar finds himself in the news again. News emerged over the last few days of a discrepancy on the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s public tracking site, as it pertains to Lesnar’s drug tests. The tests are required to be tracked if Lesnar is serious about a 2019 return to UFC, as has been previously indicated.

The USADA site had showed six tests for Lesnar, and then only five. According to a USADA spokesperson, as reported on MMAFighting.com, the missing test was only the result of a technical glitch. If true, it’s unfortunate, but there will be plenty of fans and conspiracy theorists speculating that there’s more to it than a glitch.

For now, it appears it may just really be the glitch, as reported. However, considering Lesnar’s testing issues in the past, people are reasonably suspicious.

-Last night on SmackDown Live, 205 Live’s Mustafa Ali made the most of his appearance on the blue brand. Ali was brought up to face Daniel Bryan, and the two had a strong match early in the show.

For such a big stage, the match has to be viewed as a respectable showing. Whether it will lead to more and bigger opportunities on the main roster show for Mustafa Ali remains to be seen, but the Superstar impressed many veterans. While his 205 Live peers certainly looked on, it was reported that veterans like The New Day watched the match and gave the young Superstar praise following the match.

The move to have Mustafa Ali face Daniel Bryan was a smart one. With there being limited top-of-the-roster options for Bryan that we haven’t seen before, WWE gave fans a fresh match-and a rising Superstar a golden opportunity. Given how Ali performed, hopefully we will see more opportunities afforded him-and the rest of the 205 Live top talents.

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