Former WWE Wrestler Big Cass Suffers Seizure at Wrestling Event

Things have not been going that well for former WWE wrestler Big Cass. After breaking up with his girlfriend Carmella and being released by the WWE, Big Cass how now suffered a seizure at a wrestling event in Philadelphia. Here is the story.

Incident at The House of Hardcore

Big Cass

Big Cass was scheduled to wrestle at the House of Hardcore wrestling event, which is organised by hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer.

The incident occurred when Big Cass went to sit down for a meet-and-greet with fans. Shortly afterwards, he fell to the ground and began convulsing.

Unfortunately, many of the fans who were attending the meet-and-greet believed the seizure was part of the show. However, one person called for medical attention. Big Cass was quickly transferred to the hospital.

During the wrestling event, Tommy Dreamer came out to address the changes to the show and briefly talked about the seizure Big Cass suffered and that he was okay.

Fans were quite skeptical about the cause of the seizures. Rumors have been going around about Big Cass, with fans claiming anything from alcohol abuse to medication withdrawal.



While these are rumors, a lot of reporters have noticed a change in Big Cass since his release from the WWE. Only a couple of weeks ago, Big Cass appeared out of shape at a wrestling event. His transformation was so shocking, many reporters picked up on his changing appearance.

Enzo Amore Sends His Support

Enzo sent his support to his fallen friend by means of a Tweet. While there were reports of bad blood between the former tag team partners, maybe this Tweet can resolve any issues they had with one another.

Whatever the cause of the seizure, we at Ringside Intel wish Big Cass a speedy recovery. No matter what is going on in his life, we hope he bounces back and becomes a big success in the indies.

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