Dalton Castle Heading to the WWE?

There have been rumors for years about Dalton Castle, since it is no secret the WWE have shown interest in the enigmatic star. Now, it would seem the WWE is after Dalton Castle again. Here is the story!

Dalton Castle’s Contract Expires Next Year

Dalton Castle

Dalton has been on WWE’s radar before, so it stands to reason that the upcoming expiration of his contract is of special interest to WWE brass.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Vince has a special interest in Dalton Castle. Even though Castle’s contract does not expire until next year, this is the best time for the WWE to negotiate a contract for him.

Doing Well in ROH

Dalton Castle

The chance that Dalton Castle takes an offer from the WWE is still a point of contention. Dalton has gotten some amazing opportunities in Ring of Honor. He conquered the championship belt in December 2017 and was able to run with it until June 2018. It could have been longer, if a back injury did not intervene.

Ring of Honor continues to have plans for Dalton Castle, as he made his much anticipated return to the promotion in October. Still, with his contract expiring, his permanent position within the company is in question.

There is certainly room for someone like Dalton Castle in NXT. Several NXT stars are expected to make their main roster debut soon – and some already have – leaving some space for new wrestling blood.

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