Booker T Coming Out Of Retirement, Ring of Honor Veteran Resigns

Booker T Coming Out Of Retirement
When Booker T was named for violating the policy along with many others, he denied the report and called for his name to be cleared. The WWE wasn’t budging and Booker T left for TNA.

‘- Booker T stated earlier in the year that he planned on wrestling once more before retiring for good. The WWE Hall of Famer got his wish as he returned to Reality of Wrestling’s (ROW) Christmas Chaos 8 in Texas, where he got into an exchange with WOH Heavyweight Champion Rex Andrews.

Andrews wanted Booker T to wrestle him in the ring, but the former WWE and WCW World Champion tried to have them settle their differences in the back to avoid a wrestling match. It did not work as planned and the two started to brawl in and out of the ring. In the end, Booker T grabbed the microphone and confirmed the he would come out of retirement for next month’s ROW’s The Last Stand. Catch the show on January 12 at the Booker T World Gym Arena in Texas City.

Booker T has not wrestled since losing a 12 person tag team match at WrestleMania 28. Since then, he has worked the pre-show panel for WWE and also made random appearances on TV.

Below is footage of Booker T and Andrews getting into it.

– Ring of Honor (ROH) lost one of their longtime employees in BJ Whitmer, who resigned from the promotion last week. The belief is he will join the rumored All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion; with details coming out in early January.  

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated their were problems dating back to September. WWE invited Whitmer to be a guest trainer at the Performance Center and he was denied by ROH.

Whitmer has worked on and off with ROH since 2003. Besides being a wrestler and color commentator, he also played a major role behinds the scene. Some of his roles included production, travel preparations, putting matches together and training up and coming names. If Whitmer does join AEW, he is expected to have similar roles like in ROH.