WWE’s Worst of 2018

There were some good moments in 2018, but there were some bad ones, too. We already covered our favourite moments for 2018, so now it is time to look at little closer at the worst moments of the year.

The Bayley and Sasha Banks Storyline

Sasha Banks and Bayley

Even though Bayley and Sasha Banks are terrific wrestlers, they ended up with one of the worst storylines of 2018. It could have been great, but it made little sense to most wrestling fans. Unfortunately, it does appear the WWE is not done with this story just yet. Let us hope it is told better in 2019.

Dumping on Rusev Day


Rusev has enjoyed a lot of popularity with the WWE Universe alongside Aiden English, but the company decided not to give the Bulgarian Brute a push. Instead, they put him in important matches, only to lose at the last minute. Talk about undermining a potential gold mine.

Babyface Lashley

Bobby Lashley

Making Bobby Lashley a babyface was the biggest mistake ever made by the WWE. The Three Sisters segment was probably the most cringe-worthy of all. Fortunately, the WWE decided to turn Lashley heel and give him a new mouthpiece in the form of Lio Rush.

RAW’s Tag Team Division

Raw Tag Team

The state of the tag team division on Raw is truly abysmal at this point. Even though AOP has now elevated things, for true tag team action fans went to SmackDown this season. We had a lot of interim teams, like Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins, but very little building was done in terms of permanent tag teams.

The Second Royal Rumble

Braun Strowman

The 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble was advertised as one of the biggest events in WWE history, but it turned out to be a dud. While it was fun to see all the entrances, the actual belt win and cup meant little to nothing.

Roman Reigns Versus Samoa Joe

Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe

It had the potential to be a good match, but their rivalry at Backlash turned out to be less than exciting. Instead, fans left the arena early and there were even “Beat the Traffic” chants. Auwtch!

Crown Jewel

Crown Jewel

The biggest blemish on WWE’s year is undoubtedly Crown Jewel. Among claims of a political assassination of a journalist, the WWE ignored fan outrage and the media to go ahead with their pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia. Many fans boycotted the event, while some streamers sent their proceeds to women’s charities.

Brock Lesnar’s Championship Reign

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s previous championship reign was a real dud. Unfortunately, it is not over yet, since Brock regained the championship belt at Crown Jewel. So, 2019 is not looking that bright with Brock Lesnar as the WWE Universal Champion.

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