WWE Throwing Big Money At Elite? + John Cena As Captain America?

WWE Throwing Big Money At Elite? + John Cena As Captain America?

‘-As long as Elite remains a hot faction outside of WWE, there will be speculation that the group should or could come to WWE. And as long as Cody Rhodes remains outside of the company, there will be speculation that even just he could return “home”. In recent weeks, Rhodes has both been rumored to be returning and has denied he would ever come back to WWE.

However, since those rumblings, the WWE landscape has changed significantly. Specifically, top star Roman Reigns has stepped away and relinquished the Universal Championship due to his recurrence of Leukemia. On top of that, you have other big stars, such as Kevin Owens, down with injuries as well. It means that WWE might be in the market for some top stars, and the belief is, WWE could up previous offers to Elite to finally make it happen, per Ringsidenews.com.

It would make a ton of sense for WWE to up any outstanding offers to bring some or all of Elite over. The bigger question is, in spite of the group’s looming free agent status, will some or all of them want to come and work in WWE?

John Cena has done something he used to like to complain about. Cena has transitioned from WWE mainstay to WWE part time worker. He has taken on numerous Hollywood roles as well as television projects, and now Esquire is suggesting that the former Professor of Thuganomics may be on the verge of landing his biggest role yet.

Specifically, the speculation is that John Cena could be assuming the role of the next Captain America. Any comic book fan knows that some of the existing cast of the wildly successful Marvel Universe set of films have expiring contracts. The current Captain’s demise has long been speculated, and Cena could be poised to become the next man holding the signature shield. A recent post to social media did not hurt the rumors at all.


If Cena does indeed take on the role, it would be massive news.

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