Where in the World Is Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt

When Matt Hardy was forced into retirement due to injury, “The Deleters of Worlds” disbanded and his partner Bray Wyatt dropped off the face of the earth. He has not appeared on Raw recently, despite participating in house shows. So, what is the deal with Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt Appears at Starrcade

Bray Wyatt

Since Matt Hardy disappeared from WWE television, the same fate befell Bray Wyatt. He was last seen on WWE television in October.

Bray Watt made a surprise appearance at Starrcade. He subbed for Braun Strowman on the show this weekend and beat Baron Corbin. Despite this brief appearance, Wyatt has not been seen on official WWE television.

Backstage at Monday Night Raw

Bray Wyatt

Cageside SeatsĀ reported that Bray Wyatt was backstage at Monday Night Raw this week. Despite his presence, he did not come out for the show and there allegedly was nothing planned for him at the time.

Not using Wyatt cost the WWE dearly, as this week’s Raw was dubbed as the worst episode of Monday Night Raw of all time. In honesty, he could have saved the entire debacle that was poorly written and booked even worse.

As it stands at the moment, at least according to official reports, the WWE has nothing planned for Bray Wyatt.

The Wyatt family was certainly one of the most memorable factions in the WWE, especially when Braun Strowman joined the clan. Wyatt himself had created quite a persona for himself too, so nobody understands why the WWE is not using him.

TLC Surprise or Personal Reasons?

One of the possible reasons for keeping Wyatt on the back-burner is putting him in TLC as a surprise entrant. However, many people believe that spot will go to Lars Sullivan, an NXT star who is currently receiving some “coming soon” promos.

Another reason for not using Bray Wyatt could be more personal. Wyatt’s affair with ring announcer Jojo, and his subsequent divorce could be another reason why the WWE refuses to use him at the moment.

Finally, the WWE could be re-branding Wyatt and giving him a character makeover. It would be a mistake in my opinion, since Wyatt’s current character is so recognizable.

So, what is happening with Bray Wyatt? Apparently not even WWE management knows at the moment. A lot of people hope that Wyatt will reappear soon, because too much downtime could mean the WWE is considering releasing him. Since Wyatt is not injured or unable to fight, there does seem to be an ulterior motive behind his inactivity.

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