The Rock Shares Heartfelt Clip Of Owen Hart, NXT Stars Dating

The Rock Shares Heartfelt Clip Of Owen Hart
Owen Hart had a memorable feud with Triple H with this title involved, in the wake of the Montreal Screwjob in early 1998. Owen was a talented wrestler who was good everywhere, and brought some flair and tenacity to this title. He lost in the finals to his brother in law, The British Bulldog, to crown the first champion in Berlin, Germany, back in early 1997.

‘- As The Rock was starting to climb his way into the main event scene, and eventually take over Hollywood, he was just one of the guys part of WWE’s roster. Over the weekend, The Rock shared a heartfelt clip with Owen Hart.

While Owen was known as the ultimate prankster, The Rock got the better of him this time around. Here’s the clip, which has never been made public until now.

Despite Owen tragically passing away 19 years ago, his legacy lives on through all the fond memories from wrestlers. As for The Rock, he conquered WWE and as been ranked as the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Some, including The Rock, have hinted at a run for United States President in 2020. While that might be a stretch, The Rock competing at WrestleMania 35 is possible. In fact, The Rock has decent odds of winning the Royal Rumble Match and then challenging Brock Lesnar in a rematch from their 2002 SummerSlam meeting.

– After some speculation, NXT stars Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro are officially dating. There have been rumors for over a month that the NXT North American Champion Ricochet was dating American Ninja Warrior standout Catanzaro, but nothing was confirmed until social media got involved.

Below is a shot of the two from Instagram.


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My pick to win the #maeyoungclassic! Don’t let her size fool you!! She came to win! #MightyKacy #DynamiteGal

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