SmackDown Live Thrives With “New” Daniel Bryan

SmackDown Live has experienced some problems with its heel talent over the past couple of months. Most athletes turned heel were more of a tween than anything, so what is the solution to that? Turn one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history into SmackDown Live’s heel king!

Mad Bryan

While many people were surprised to see a heel turn for Daniel Bryan, it turned out to be one of the smartest decisions the WWE has ever made. Heel Bryan already raised some eyebrows during his match against AJ Styles, but it became even better during Survivor Series. Imagine, the man got a good match out of Brock Lesnar!

I have to admit I was one of the people who doubted Daniel Bryan in terms of heel potential, but I am also glad I was wrong. Daniel Bryan now looks like a mad lunatic, and we all love it!

Online magazine ForbesĀ claims Daniel Bryan requested his heel turn, which is quite surprising since Bryan’s popularity made a heel turn impossible in the past. Still, his second heel attempt seems to have been the right one.

The Perfect Moment

Daniel Bryan

Bryan’s heel turn could not have been planned any better. After all, Bryan only returned to the WWE recently after a long battle to get back into the wrestling ring. The very idea that fans could boo Daniel Bryan was almost impossible to imagine, but Bryan pulled it off nonetheless.

Daniel Bryan’s actual heel character is interesting to say the least. He has come up with an almost psychotic persona, which usually goes over well with the WWE Universe. Dean Ambrose has tried (and is trying) this approach, but he has not come close to what Daniel Bryan is doing at the moment.

His transformation certainly has some positive effects on the blue brand as well. Even though SmackDown Live is still considered the “A” show among die-hard wrestling fans, the brand was struggling to put on a good show. Daniel’s heel turn has proven to be the medicine SmackDown Live needed so desperately. It is making the hunt for the championship new and exciting!

All we can say at Ringside Intel is that we are excited about Daniel’s future. After missing out on some title opportunities recently, everyone feared the WWE would mistreat Bryan. However, his heel turn and recent championship gain appears to mean a push for one of the most popular wrestlers the world has ever seen. We cannot wait to see what Bryan will do next!

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