Reason For Ember Moon's Lack Of Push

‘- The female superstars are finally getting the recognition they deserve, which can be seen in a number of firsts such as matches like the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank and now their own pay per view with Evolution. Despite the arrival of several new names from NXT over the past year, fans remain high on Ember Moon.

While Moon is yet to enter the title picture, she is typically featured on RAW. According to Dave Scherer of PWInsider Elite, the lack of being rushed into the title picture is for the best and only a temporary move by WWE.

“The one thing [the fans] aren’t considering here is, okay you want to see her get a push — that’s great,” said Scherer. “She’s not going to get a push at the expense of Ronda Rousey. It’s not going to happen nor should it happen. So if you get what you want and she’s in this position [as #1 contender] it’s not going to be a positive position.”

Heading into Evolution, Moon was one of the favorites to win the battle royal for a future title shot. She made it to the final two, before getting eliminated by Nia Jax. Even though Moon did not win, she scored a number of eliminations and even got revenge against her NXT rival Asuka by sending her over the top rope.

“She’s better off now because she can say at the first battle royal at the first women’s only pay-per-view who eliminated more people than her — no one,” said Scherer. “She didn’t win but she eliminated more people than anyone and that they can go back to later on.”

WWE’s focus is to make Ronda Rousey a bigger mainstream star and a face that represents the company going forward; plus, Becky Lynch’s popularity has skyrocketed since turning heel and Charlotte Flair is someone WWE has always been high on.

– At Crown Jewel, Hulk Hogan finally returned to WWE TV. It was his first appearance since being let go in the summer of 2015 after racist remarks were posted online from a leaked sex tape.

Hogan would cut a quick promo at Crown Jewel from Saudi Arabia and commented on his return earlier today. Knowing Hogan, he will probably angle for a major match at WrestleMania.