RAW Star Dealing With Several Concussions + David Arquette To WWE?

RAW Star Dealing With Several Concussions

‘- A few years back when WWE once again split up the roster between RAW and SmackDown, several names from NXT took part. A bit of a shocker was Alexa Bliss heading to the main roster, but she is yet to look back. She won gold on RAW and SmackDown; plus, came out victories in the first female Elimination Chamber match. 

Unfortunately, the past month has seen Bliss mostly on the sides to injuries. We already knew she had a concussion, but Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Bliss is dealing with multiple concussions. When it pertains to concussions, WWE is careful before allowing a competitor to return inside the ring.

The recent strong of injuries caused Bliss to not wrestle in at Evolution, where she was supposed to team with Mickie James against WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus & Lita. Now, she will serve as the caption for Team RAW at Survivor Series but cannot compete and will once again be forced to watch from the outside.

There is no timeframe on when Bliss might be cleared to compete inside a WWE ring.

– To wrestling fans, David Arquette will always be remembered as the Hollywood actor who won the WCW Championship in one of the strangest booking decisions ever made. At 47 years old, Arquette has been wrestling lately and impressed lots of people (see the video down below). When it comes to WWE, Arquette does not seem too interested in testing his skills there.

“WWE’s not the goal,” said Arquette to TMZ. “I mean, I love WWE. I would love to do anything with them ever, but my main goal is getting some respect. That really was what it’s about.”

While wrestling, Arquette has already suffered some broken ribs and messed up his elbow pretty bad. He is currently healing up and hopes to be back in the ring shortly. 

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