Return Date For Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks Thinks Nia Jax Bad Worker?

Becky Lynch Not Fully Cleared

‘- Most of the WWE Universe was hugely upset when Becky Lynch was pulled from Survivor Series, thanks to a broken face and a concussion she suffered at the hands of Nia Jax during the close of the go-home RAW before the big pay-per-view (PPV).


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This is me right now trying to get out of doctor jail so I can remind some people exactly who I am.

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Becky was not only pulled from Survivor Series, but was not on SmackDown LIVE this week, and has been pulled off house shows as well. Fans of Lynch await some sort of return date; however, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer has recently noted that there doesn’t seem to be anything of the kind in near sight. He stated that because of her concussion, she is still waiting. He noted Alexa Bliss, RAW superstar suffering from a concussion as well, is waiting too.

While faces can heal pretty quick, the WWE does not mess around when it comes to a concussion and both ladies will have to wait on the sidelines before either of their concussion tests come out clear (to be cleared … for in-ring action that is).

– Speaking of, Nia Jax is getting plenty of heat due to her sloppy punch that knocked the SmackDown LIVE women’s champ out of commission, and interestingly enough, she’s using that heat to help heighten her character’s heel status.

However, is the WWE Universe booing her because she’s good at being a heel, or are they booing her for other reasons? A fan recently created a sign at an event, stating that Nia Jax was being booed because she was simply, “awful”. Typical to today’s life with social media, a meme was created and posted, and it seems as if Sasha Bank’s Instagram handle ‘liked’ the photo … essentially looking as if she agreed with the post.

Tweet of this, down below:

Could The Boss be thinking what we are all thinking or simply enjoying some social media fun as a “face persona versus a heel persona” type deal? The lines tend to be blurred on Twitter and Instagram at times. You decide!

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