Neville Confirmed to Appear at Defiant Wrestling Taping

Neville has left the WWE officially and made his much-anticipated debut at Dragon Gate. Benjamin Satterley, aka Neville, is now known under the wrestling name PAC, it seems that Neville has upcoming wrestling events in the nearby future. Next up? Defiant Wrestling tapings in January and February.

Dates and Details


British wrestler Neville, now known as PAC, will compete in Newcastle, England, on January 5 and February 16.

Interestingly enough, Newcastle is Neville’s hometown. Even more interesting, he has not wrestled an independent match in his hometown since April 2009! So, it should be a happy homecoming for the British superstar.

Newcastle is only a three-hour drive from where I currently live. As a reporter, I would very much like to see the independent return of Neville in person. If I can get a hold off some tickets, I will be reporting from the venue on the day. Of course, Neville is insanely popular in these parts, so getting a hold of tickets may be a little harder than usual.

Ticket Sales

Anyone who fancies a visit to England, or who is currently residing in England, tickets are still available from Defiant Wrestling. However, ticket sales are not going live until November 12 and are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Being quick is the key here.

You Might Recognize Someone Else

If you are starting to get your interest piqued by Defiant Wrestling, let us tell you there might be another name that looks familiar to you. In fact, none other than Stu Bennett (WWE’s Bad News Barrett) has done some general manager work for the promotion.

While Defiant Wrestling may not be one of the biggest promotions in the world, they are certainly among the most interesting. The promotion has attracted some major superstars in the past including current WWE veteran and Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and current RAW member Drew McIntyre.

While Defiant Wrestling is a springboard for some wrestlers, disgruntled ex-WWE employees are finding their way to the promotion, too. Thank God, otherwise we might have never seen Neville wrestle again! Thank you Defiant!

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