There’s nothing hotter in WWE right now than the women’s division, and at the top of the heap alongside Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey is Charlotte Flair.

Flair has long been considered the best female wrestler in the world – or perhaps ever – a claim WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has made on more than one occasion. Flair, who claims she is “genetically superior” certainly doesn’t dispute this.

Yet it is also true that before she arrived at this moment of popularity and athletic superiority, many felt like it would be hard for Charlotte to step out of her father’s shadow. After all, there is a general consensus in the wrestling community that Ric Flair is the greatest of all time.

Charlotte Flair on her own

But has Charlotte finally been able to make a name for herself? To step out on her own?

Why not ask “The Man” himself? Ric Flair had a chance to discuss this subject on a recent “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast.

When Austin asked Ric how it felt to see his daughter in the ring, Flair replied, “I’m overwhelmed by it, Steve. Number one, I had no doubt that given the opportunity, which, you know, it all depends on how the ball bounces sometimes… she’d be good at it. But she is to the point now that she is like she was when she was competing in high school and college. She can’t stand not being the best, does that make sense?”

When Austin asked if Ric believed Charlotte had stepped out of her father’s shadow, Flair said, “I think she is starting to understand she is making her own name… She went through so much. I wish for anyone that asked me that question or what I think about your son or daughter going into this business, it’s terrible for them. They made life miserable for her, and she wasn’t ready for that. She was ready to be just who she is…”

“She’s built her own brand. And I’m not saying this because I am proud of her, but I’m saying it because number one she’s that good.”

“Number two, she’s made herself unique,” Flair continued. “I wish I could tell you I was the athlete in any time of my life that she is. I wasn’t, and very few people are. She’s got a gift, and she’s found her niche… I mean, right now, she’s driving to some town and she’s thinking about her match tonight. And sometimes I wish she would take it easy and relax…”

Father Flair held back nothing in giving his daughter every bit of credit, and deservedly.

“She’s definitely out of my shadow and doing her own thing, and I think everybody recognizes that.”

The 16-time world champion was even self-deprecating.

Ric Flair’s humility

“I mean, to say I was a great wrestler, you know… I was a three-way gimmick,” Flair said. “Could I work? Yes, but I didn’t have to do… I don’t know that I could do a moonsault… but now, you’ll go to a show, they’ll have three people doing moonsaults in the same show. But that’s the business, and who am I to say anything?”

That’s humble of The Man, but “who am I to say anything?” Come on…

You’re the greatest of all time, Mr. Flair, and watching your legacy continue through Charlotte – as well as her staking out an identity of her own as one of the best of her generation – continues to be a real thrill for wrestling fans, young and old.