WWE’s Women’s Division Is the Best Thing in Pro Wrestling Right Now

On Sunday night, the ongoing women’s revolution in the WWE took it up another notch, and that’s an understatement.

Charlotte and Ronda Rousey not only had the best match at Survivor Series, but one that stands to elevate both women and pro wrestling in general.

After a very physical bout that would have already earned the women match of the night, Charlotte ended it prematurely by whacking Rousey with a kendo stick outside the ring, thus disqualifying herself.

But that didn’t matter. All anyone is going to remember – maybe even for years to come – is what happened next.

Charlotte Destroys Rousey

Charlotte proceeded to beat the holy hell out of Rousey with the kendo stick, later a steel chair, and the image of a bloody and battered Rousey lying helpless on the mat with a wild-eyed Charlotte standing over her had the audience in the arena and at home on their feet.


Rousey is known as the “baddest woman on the planet.” Charlotte let her know she’s the “baddest b*tch.”

Many of Charlotte and Rousey’s peers and fans lavished praise on the angle.

No less an authority than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saying Charlotte and Rousey brought professional wrestling “back” touches on something important.

There’s a realism factor wrestling fans crave in what is obviously an unreal sport, so to speak. We saw this right before Survivor Series where an already popular Becky Lynch took her character to even greater heights.


As I wrote last week at Ringside Intel, “Those comparing Lynch toย Steve Austinย at the moment have a good point. The WWE needs a breakout star that takes the company to the level of mainstream popularity it enjoyed in the late 1990s thanks to top stars like Austin and The Rock.”

I continued:

Austin got over with fans because he was a believable tough guy. Everyone loved the beer swillinโ€™ redneck who would โ€œstomp a mudhole in your a**โ€ precisely because he was believable.

Yes, this was pro wrestling, and yes, we all know itโ€™s a โ€œwork,โ€ so to speak. โ€˜But that Austin guy, heโ€™s not playing around!โ€™ Everyone bought him as legit on some level.

Lynch has that same vibe. She has that โ€œit factorโ€ that is so elusive for many others.

Any one of these three women that made such a mark in the last week – Flair, Rousey and Lynch – could be that more believable breakout star.

In turning herself back to full fledged heel Sunday night, Charlotte did herself and fans two major favors.

First, she catapulted herself into that rare air enjoyed by Becky Lynch right now in fans’ minds.

Second, she reminded everyone she’s a FLAIR, the daughter of Ric, and the all-time “dirtiest player in the game.”

And pops approved.

Charlotte followed through on Twitter right after her already legendary match.

Hell yeah.

And if this current Charlotte-Rousey-Becky excitement isn’t enough, two women who absolutely belong in the main event title picture, and once were, Sasha Banks and Bayley, could also have something big happening creatively soon.

Or as Bayley teased on Instagram Sunday before Survivor Series…


And then she did it again after the show.


Does this mean the pro wrestling version of the Four Horsewomen might reunite just as Charlotte and Becky Lynch are becoming more popular than ever?

Can the women’s division get any hotter?

Is there anything better in pro wresting right now than WWE’s women’s division?