Enzo Amore Tackled by Security Guard at Survivor Series

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Enzo Amore. First, he got booted off a plane in New York for refusing to stop vaping. Now, he has been booted from Survivor Series after being tackled by a security guard.

Enzo Attempts to Hijack Survivor Series

During Sunday’s pay-per-view event Survivor Series, Enzo Amore attempted to hijack the event and make it all about him. Entering the building in a rather idiotic disguise, Enzo attempted to rile up the crowd with “How U Doing” chants.

The attempted hijack took place during the match between Authors of Pain and The Bar. During the match, Enzo removed his “disguise” and went to stand on his chair. He then started his chants to get the crowd riled up.

While viewers at home did not clock onto the disruption, many fans who were present at Survivor Series did. Some even stated they felt uncomfortable and unsafe, so the WWE did right sending security onto him.

Enzo was eventually tackled by a female security guard and booted from the event. He was escorted out by several security guards, while being booed by surrounding wrestling fans.

More Disruptions Caused By Amore


As if his disruption of Survivor Series was not enough, Enzo and some of his supporters continued to disrupt the event.

According to Wrestling Inca young fan got injured during the encounter between security and Enzo Amore. Sources claim the young woman received an ice pack for her arm and then returned to her seat.

Some fans who left the arena also got a nice surprise when they reached their car. Flyers advertising Enzo’s upcoming gig in “Whisky a Go Go” were found on several cars. So, there is certainly no doubt as to why Enzo disrupted Survivor Series.

All I can say about it is that this is one of the saddest and most pointless things I have seen. As expected, Vince McMahon is reportedly furious about the incident. Enzo is reportedly banning Enzo from future WWE event and any future interruptions could lead to his immediate arrest.

Current WWE superstar Liv Morgan is also experiencing some trouble of her own with Enzo Amore. A track on his latest album “Liv a 30 for 30” is being directed at her. The WWE are now looking to put on a restraining order, protecting Liv as well as future WWE events.

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