Cody Rhodes Requires MRI, Lucha Underground’s Future For Season 5

Cody Rhodes Requires MRI

‘- Cody Rhodes was forced to remove himdself from today’s Ring of Honor (ROH) Global Wars due to a potential injury. Of all things, Cody heard a pop in his knee when attempting to throw his shirt into the crowd. He was hoping to keep his ROH match against Beretta for the IWGP US Championship going, but it was not possible.

Now, Cody will undergo an MRI this week to see any potential  damage. If Cody is out for a lengthy period of time, it could cause problems as WWE has shown interested in signing The Elite.

– The future of Lucha Underground remain much up in the air. The finale to season4 just concluded with season five having no certainty according to comments by Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen to Masks, Mats & Mayhem.

“I don’t know anything about season 5,” said Van Wagenen to Masks, Mats & Mayhem. “We survive as El Rey survives. We need them to be successful and we need them to be able to afford to do the show. I don’t think the show is going away. I just don’t think it’s going to sit in this survival mode. I think we’d be looking to take on another partner that brings something different.”

A major hurdle is the budget for Van Wagenen, who believes the promotion has cut more money than possible.  If the money issue gets taken care of, there is another hurdle. Show producer Chris Roach wants the current storylines to continue while Wagenen wants to reboot the series.

“Nobody is saying it’s dead [Lucha Underground],” said Van Wagenen. “There’s just not a huge hustle to get it on the air right now. Good shows sometimes go away for business decisions. Sometimes shitty shows live on and on and on, for business reasons.”

For the complete interview on the future of Lucha Underground, please see the following video.